Theme for February: having a support network

February at a glance:


  • Draft 0 of In the Dark, a Sound (cont.)
  • Draft 1 of In the Dark, a Sound – to 30%
  • Writing workshop: Portraits & Dreams: Writing with Maggie Stiefvater Seattle II

We’re a week into February, but last night was my monthly writers group meeting, so February has officially started for me as far as writing goals go.

For 2019, my monthly writers group is stepping up to support each other even more. We report our monthly goals and hold each other accountable for them.

My ongoing Discord writing groups are always available to cheer me on, kick me in the ass, or talk through plot points.

My friends and coworkers encourage me. My husband has accepted that he is my designated sounding board and makes himself scarce if I need some time to pound away at the keys.

It is damn hard to make progress on a huge project by yourself. Writing has never been a solitary practice for me. I can’t imagine what it would be like to face down 90,000 words with no one backing me up.

Is it impossible to do it alone? Clearly not. But those who go that route are far hardier than I.

If you’re standing before the void of the blank page and feeling the weight of its emptiness on your shoulder, find someone. Even if all they do is clap their hands and shout words of encouragement, find someone. And if you can’t find anyone, well, I’m here. My Twitter is @alisonjmckenzie. My Discord is alison#9445. I will cheer you on.


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