Review: The Very Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan

Book cover for The Very Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan

5/5 stars

Recommended for those who like fantasy and science fiction with an edge to it.

This book took me a long time to read because every story was like reading a novel in and of itself. Not in that they were long, but Kiernan’s rich, immersive storytelling had me coming up for air after every ending. I stepped in and out of so many worlds between these pages, and when it was done, I needed time to sit and wrap my head around everything I’d just been through.

Their are skilled writers who inspire me to write, and there are skilled writers who make me step back and accept that I will just never be that talented, and Kiernan is one of the latter. The writing in this book is beautiful and captivating, even when the story is rough and full of grit.

If I had to give a criticism, it is that some of the endings did not feel entirely satisfying—like a thought half-finished that trails off—although I suspect that was intentional. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.

I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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