Libib: for organizing your library

I have this problem where I buy books greedily and with no restraint, and then I don’t have any time to read them. To get my book hoarding habit under control, I’ve split my Goodreads Challenge goal into a number of sub goals to ensure I put a big dent in my TBR*.

Now, I’ve got a huge reading backlog and an unnatural love for spreadsheets, so I started trying to organize my TBR like this:


I quickly learned that even I don’t love spreadsheets that much. Let me tell you, it was a slow process. Painfully slow. Then a friend mentioned Libib.

Oh my God, this program is an organized book lover’s dream. I can separate different book formats into different libraries. I can set a status on each book to easily see which I’ve read, haven’t read, started, or abandoned. I can set tags, group by series, and add ratings and notes. I can scan book bar codes using the iPhone app (with about an 80% accuracy rate, leading to some hilarious, but fixable, inaccuracies).


I got my entire physical library set up in a single evening, something that would’ve taken me a week’s worth of evenings using my old system. And it’s free! Though I’d have more functionality if I paid for the pro version, but so far, I don’t see a need.

Is it perfect? Nope! But it beats the hell outta spreadsheets. Definitely recommended!

Fellow bookworms, go forth and organize.


*To Be Read


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