A writer’s bullet journal

I just finished overhauling my bullet journal. My old one had worked well for me for a long while, but, as often happens when you begin to use a new organization system, areas that could use improvement begin to make themselves known.

My design had four requirements:

  1. It must look attractive, but:
  2. it must be easy to update and maintain.
  3. It must give me tighter deadlines for my goals.
  4. It must place greater focus on my writing.

I think what I ended up with will work very well for me. It has so far!

Bullet Journal

Let’s look at that last point.

Ways to customize bullet journals for writing

  • Have a daily, weekly, or monthly word count goal
  • Give yourself a weekly challenge that changes each week
  • Track “writing” in your habits chart
    • It’s up to you whether this includes planning and research for your novel, or if that is a separate habit
  • Track writing milestones on a “Milestones” page
    • Set up a rewards system for yourself for when you hit various milestones
  • Have a “Project Backlog” that’s separate from your standard backlog where you track your project-related goals
  • Have a “Project Notes” page where you can collect all of your random notes about your current writing project
  • Have an “Ideas” page where you collect plot and character ideas unrelated to your current project
  • Have a “Projects” chart for if you have multiple creative projects you’re working on
  • Have an “Inspiration” page where you collect quotes and doodles to inspire you
  • Have a six-month or year goal projection to give you an idea of where you’d like to be with your project in a month, six months, etc.

If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know! I might use them myself.


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