Flash Fiction Contest (Deadline September 7)

Bibliomancy would like to start having poetry and flash fiction contests. Here is our first!

To enter:

Write a speculative fiction flash fiction piece using the following phrase:

“When dawn broke, he knew it was all over.”

There are two ways to send in your submissions:

  1. Write the submission to your own blog and link back to it in the comments
  2. Send an email to:




Include your submission in the body of the email.


  1. Must be speculative fiction
  2. Must include the phrase above
  3. Must be within 100 to 750 words
  4. No sexually explicit content
  5. Must be received by September 7, 2013

Winning entries will be posted on the blog with a brief bio about the author and a link to the author’s blog.

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Alison J. McKenzie

Xbox.com editor. Previous Guild Wars 2 writer. Game designer. Speculative fiction writer.


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