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How many of my fellow nerds have been waiting for a Hermoine Granger Doctor Who? Raise your hand. MEEEEEEEEEEE. Meet Myfanwy Thomas. Someone erased her memory. But apparently, she’s pretty much like an M to 007. The administrative person pulling the strings on all the field operatives. Oh yeah, and she can also control your body WITH HER MIND. This girl has some serious powers. Her coworkers all think she’s this meek and mild geek,…

Put the book down

I don’t mean that your life is short and you’re going to die someday. I mean, it is. And, you are. But I’m talking about the right now. And I’m talking about you doing things for yourself to keep yourself happy and healthy.

Why Writers Should See “The Babadook”

If you like really scary movies, movies that keep you up at night because they cling to you like ghosts and fill your dreamy mind with unease, The Babadook is…probably not for you. That’s my biggest criticism. It’s not scary. It’s cool. It’s dark. It’s kind of creepy. But scary? No. Although the director of The Exorcist says it’s the “scariest film” he’s ever seen.* Which…I just…I don’t even know how to respond to that. But you should still see it. Even []

Working hard or…?

I learned something about myself recently. First of all, I like to be productive, even when I’m supposed to be relaxing, and I’m good at multitasking. (That isn’t the thing I learned. I already knew that.) Which means that if I’m watching a movie or playing a video game (Oh, Elder Scrolls Online, why did I start playing you this weekend? I will never do anything else ever again) I usually have my laptop open and am working on my novel, or on []


My illustrator (the lovely Grace) is currently working on an environment concept art piece for Release the Hounds. She was going to []


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