Website Overhaul!

Well, I was just going to update my publications and SEO (and logo and stuff—what was I thinking with that old logo?) on my website, but I went back to look at where I got the template from and LO AND BEHOLD, they have completely updated the template. And it looks much better. So! Website overhaul in the works. Expect a blog post when it’s done, because I will likely be very proud. And now, as it is 2:30AM and I just spent the […]

Release the Hounds novel—Gettin’ stuff done!

Is it seriously Wednesday already? How did that happen? Well, this is kind of old news now, but still a Very Important Writing Update. This weekend I booked a hotel for a night for another writing marathon. Even though I recently reworked my outline and have been rewriting scenes accordingly, this night was reserved for all-new content. Overall I got 8,000 words written, which was my goal. (Seriously, I was pretty exact. I think my total ended up being 8005 or something. […]

Kameron Hurley: Surviving The Game Writing As Business « terribleminds: chuck wendig

I realize it’s a little uncool to reblog terribleminds [Chuck Wendig], because it’s kind of like sharing a George Takei post on Facebook—terribleminds is considered one of the best blogs out there for writers to follow. So chances are, many people who follow me and would be interested in a writing blog post have already seen this. But, just in case you haven’t, I’m reblogging this one, because it’s important. And if you’re a writer and aren’t already following Chuck’s blog, go follow […]

For you writers out there…

…who also like audiobooks, Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is on Audible, narrated by the author himself. Also, you can find Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott on there, too. Two books that I, for one, consider essential reads for aspiring or professional writers. Just an FYI!

Reading as a Writer

I mentioned in my last blog post that I just bought a bunch of cozy mysteries to read. Well, I started reading Death by Darjeeling (A Tea Shop Mystery) by Laura Childs and… When I don’t like a book right away, I typically try to give it 50 pages, or at least 20, before deciding to drop it. I couldn’t make it through five. Now, I wasn’t really looking for fine literature. I just wanted something I could have fun with. But in those first five pages, […]

Guilty Pleasure: Cozy Mysteries

Reading slumps suck. I love reading. Well, normally I do. But every once in a while I just get to a point where no book can hold my attention. I get bored, lose interest, move on. Tried and true books that I can (usually) reread over and over are now just the same old story. New books that I was excited to read now seem predictable or not worth the effort. Fortunately, the cure is (usually) pretty simple: switch genres. I read […]

Hooray! Book review is live!

Well, the book review that I stayed up until 5am to write the weekend after E3 is now live at Yay! I knew it would take a while to appear, but I couldn’t help but worry a little. Honestly, I was kind of thinking I must have been so sleep deprived when I wrote it that they took one look at it and said, “No way in hell are we posting this.” Glad I was wrong. Phew. You can read it here: Book […]

Writing, writing, writing…writing, writing.

My carpal tunnel woes are finally nearing an end (fingers crossed), which means two important things: I can blog again. I can work on my novel again. I spent the weekend reworking my outline (and having a Teen Wolf marathon with my illustrator, but we won’t get into that.) I can keep a lot of what I already have written, at least for this draft, which is encouraging. I’m beginning to think that my new strategy for writing a first draft is […]

Audible Deal of the Day

…today is The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Price: $1.95 “This collection brings together 12 of the finest short stories of prominent American feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Gilman’s best-known work, was first published in 1892 and represents an important examination of 19th-century attitudes toward women’s physical and mental health. Written as a collection of journal entries by a woman whose physician husband has confined her to her bedroom, the story depicts the narrator’s descent into psychosis […]

Innsmouth Magazine 15

Innsmouth Magazine 15 Innsmouth Magazine Issue 15 is available and includes my flash fiction piece “Hunting Trip”. It won’t make any sense unless you know Lovecraftian lore, but if you do and would like to offer your support (or just want to read weird fiction), please consider picking up a copy.


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