7 Words it Took Me Forever to Learn to Spell

I’m an editor. Because of that, you can assume I have a natural eye for spelling and grammar errors. Generally, you’re right. But a lot of the time, being an editor just means I’m willing to look stuff up. (This is just like tech support. Often the difference between an IT person and a non-IT person is when there’s a computer error, the IT person Googles the error message. The non-IT person just panics a lot and then calls the IT person.) […]

Update on “For Sale: Totally Not Haunted”

Originally posted on No Faint Hearts in Fort Worth…:
Thanks to intrepid reader EMB216, we have an update on the  most hilarious, and possibly creepiest real estate meme on the Internet - Abandoned 123-Year-Old School for Sale: That ominous, in-no-way-a-portal-to-a-torturous-hell dimension/building is what remains of the Bennett College for women, which was founded in 1893 in Millbrook, NY, and quickly fell into ruin when it was shut down in 1978. Here’s a before-and-after shot of the building, which appears to have been very lovely —…

HabitRPG: Your life, the game

HabitRPG is getting really popular in my social circle, and there is a really good reason: It’s awesome. An online RPG It’s an RPG. You have an adventuring party. You earn gold and experience. You can pick one of four character classes—warrior, rogue, mage, healer. You buy equipment for your character, weapons and armor. You have a pet that can grow into a mount if you feed it enough. There are quest scrolls and boss battles. Sure, the art is not likely […]

On the jury: The human ability to solve problems

If I had a D&D alignment, it would be Lawful Neutral. I’m a stickler for rules. Never had a traffic ticket. Always cross at the crosswalk, and only when the walk light is on. In general, I believe that rules provide order and safety*. I considered, for a long time, pursuing a career in law enforcement. So when I had jury duty this week, a lot of people told me to try to get out of it. I didn’t do that. As a […]

Jury Duty, Hip Hip Hooray

I have jury duty tomorrow. It’s my first time. I don’t really know what to expect, even though everyone’s already told me their experiences. One thing they do say is that you will have a lot of downtime, so bring a book—or my novel to work on. Let’s see if I can get a spike in my word count.

Website Updates

Last fall I did some major website updates. As in, I scrapped everything and started over. It’s time to do it again. Except maybe not scrap everything and start over. But I was building the site knowing that my contract at ArenaNet was expiring and I would be looking for work. So it was essentially a glorified resume. But it’s time for me to really have an actual author website. I’m working within the same CSS template, and I’m keeping some of […]

Camp NaNoWriMo and a Fire-Breathing Unicorn Pegasus

I said previously that NaNoWriMo doesn’t do much for me anymore. That’s true. I don’t need a month of craziness to tell me that I can complete a draft. I’ve done that before, multiple times, with or without time limits. Hitting 50k in a rush doesn’t help me much. If I hit 50k, I want it to be 50,000 words that I feel comfortable with as a first draft, words I thought about. They’ll need editing, but it’s not just about word count […]

Facebook Etiquette

I just “unfriended” someone the other day. I’d had enough. I was done. Every time he commented on my posts, or even friends’ posts, I ended up annoyed. If there’s not already a saying, “Don’t unfriend when you’re angry,” there should be. It was probably a little extreme of me, especially since I don’t think the guy had any idea he was being obnoxious. So I had immediate regrets afterwards. And in my head, I played out a conversation where he somehow […]

Reading Challenges of a Visually Impaired Writer in the Digital World: Guest Post by Kerry Kijewski

Originally posted on change it up editing:
I recently met author Kerry Kijewski on my Facebook page. She commented that she really enjoyed the writing- and publishing-related posts on my page, but she couldn’t always access the links because she is blind. After some back-and-forth discussion, I learned that if I just added the links to the comments section, Kerry could access them with her reading software. That conversation got me thinking about the other accommodations a blind reader/writer might need, so I asked Kerry…


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